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Proyecto EsperanzaAt Project Esperanza, we believe in creating positive change through literacy and personal growth. In addition to learning to read and write, Esperanza students learn academic skills that lead to success in the classroom. When you give to FMG's Proyecto Esperanza you are helping us create a generation of students that can do quality academic work, are socially responsible and can make a contribution to their quality of life and to their community.


Danny AlbertoSuccess Story-
Danny Alberto

Danny Alberto is 12 years old. His favorite color is yellow; He likes to eat pizza and his favorite animals are dogs. Danny is in 5th grade at Antonio Castillo Lora public school in Las Terrenas. he lives with his mom and two brothers. His father is in jail.

When Danny first visited Proyecto Esperanza with his mom, his sadness was obvious. The school had refused to admit him this year, because he didn't know how to read.

Danny's behavior at school didn't help circumstances, as he tended to fight with his classmates, and the teacher couldn't leave a handful of boys and Danny without surveillance for 30 seconds. (Imagine how hard it would be to pay attention in class if you didn't know how to read….)

But after only a week in Proyecto Esperanza, Danny's confidence in himself began to grow. He could already write his name, and his conduct with classmates began to mellow. In the second week he learned all the vowels, and began reading his first words.

In a few short weeks the boy who only knew how to defend himself learned that he could also better himself. He learned the entire alphabet in the second week, and within a month was admitted back into 5th grade.

Now, Danny comes to Proyecto Esperanza in the mornings, where he is working on how to write good book reports. In the afternoons he goes to the public school with his companions, many of whom have been through similar situations.

Danny is grateful to Proyecto Esperanza, and from time to time helps other kids with their homework. Danny has learned to read and write, but more than that, has gained an enormous amount of confidence in himself, and his conduct has changed immensely.

Danny's story is just one example of the happy stories Proyecto Esperanza has to tell.
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